2019 Program Directors


faith berland

Faith Berland moved from Manhattan to Northern Westchester in 2012 and attended her first Tzahal Shalom parlor meeting in 2015.  In 2016, Faith and her family hosted a lone soldier for dinner, which inspired Faith’s daughter to begin a letter writing campaign amongst her friends and family to thank IDF soldiers for their hard work and dedication to Israel. In December 2016, Faith’s daughter became a Bat Mitzvah at Masada in Israel surrounded by family and friends, a long-standing tradition in the Berland family.

While in Israel, the Berlands had the opportunity to visit a soldier from one of the first Tzahal Shalom delegations.  Upon her return from Israel, Faith applied to become a Program Director for Tzahal Shalom. Faith is currently in her third year as a Program Director. Faith is excited to be going back to Israel next year for her sons Bar Mitzvah.

Faith is VP of Finance for City Dining Pass, Inc., Treasurer of Castleford Rovers Soccer Club, volunteers at the Cottage School, a member of the HCC Wellness Steering Committee and is an active participant in the Byram Hills PTSA.  Faith enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, cooking and traveling.

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Deborah Goldman

Deborah Goldman has been a supporter of Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester since it began, volunteering in different capacities each year. She always finds it so exciting and gratifying to see how this amazing program creates a very special connection between members of our community and Israel. She lives in Bedford with her husband Neal, four children, and dog Mojo. 


Dana Keiles

Dana Keiles has been involved with Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester for many years, truly enjoying any opportunity to meet and spend time with this very special group of young people This program, allows her to share her deep love of all things Israel with not only her own family but the larger community as well. She lives in Chappaqua with her husband Seth and three teenage children.



Ali Rosenberg lives in Chappaqua with her husband Scott and their children, Brett, Sam, Jack and Phoebe. Ali earned her BA in Economics from Barnard College of Columbia University and worked in merchandising, product development and design for Gap.com. While raising her four children, Ali has been an active volunteer at JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage School where she mentors two special needs and at risk young adults and runs several teen groups.

In 2017, Ali was the recipient of the Westchester Jewish Council’s Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding commitment and dedication to JCCA’s Pleasantville Cottage School. Ali became involved with Tzahal Shalom in 2014 as a buddy family. Since then the Rosenbergs have spent time in Israel with former Tzahal Shalom delegates, become a host family and have all volunteered in many capacities with Tzahal Shalom. Ali looks forward to her new role as Program Director for the 2019 delegation.


Robyn frank - associate program director

Robyn Frank has been living in Northern Westchester since 2013. After learning about the program from Faith Berland, Robyn was very excited to host a parlor meeting with two of the November 2018 delegates. The beauty of the program continued to reveal itself when Robyn attended the young family event with her husband and three children. Robyn was fortunate enough to host a Taste of Israel parlor meeting with two of the 2019 Tzahal Shalom of the Rivertowns delegates this past April. Robyn first encountered the magic of Israel on a Birthright trip during the summer of 2004. This experience left her with a thirst to form an even deeper connection with her Jewish identity and a desire to more actively support Israel.

Robyn is inspired by every interaction she has had with Israeli reservists through Tzahal Shalom and looks forward to becoming more involved as one of the future Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester Program Directors.

Robyn is a pediatric Occupational Therapist, an active member at the Bet Torah Synagogue in Mt Kisco, and will also be joining the Byram Hills PTSA as the Corresponding Secretary in September. Robyn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking with her dog, playing tennis, cooking and reading. She looks forward to returning to Israel when her nephew becomes a bar mitzvah in December 2020.



Faith Berland, Debra Goldman, Dana Keiles


Robin Goldstein, Melissa Fink, Faith Berland


Robin Goldstein, Melissa Fink, Alisa Emanuel, Lisa Unger


Robin Goldstein, Melissa Fink, Lisa Unger, Alisa Emanuel


Anita Greenwald, Michele Kraushaar, Randi Kreisler, Alisa Emanuel

2009 - 2013

Anita Greenwald, Michele Kraushaar, Randi Kreisler

2006 - 2008

Anita Greenwald, Michele Kraushaar

Program Directors plan and execute the ten day itinerary

and are the managers of the program from start to finish.