2019 Events


Held at a private home, the welcome breakfast is the delegations first exposure to our community. They arrive at the house just off the plane earlier that morning. Though travel weary, they are immediately inspired by the grand welcome we give them. All past hosts and buddy families, all individuals and families that are involved with the Tzahal Shalom programming are invited to attend.

Cafe Joe

Each year, all seven delegates have the opportunity to speak with the community at a single event, held in a local synagogue. It is the only time all seven delegates are together speaking as a group, followed by a provocative Q & A session. If you are looking for a way to hear all of their inspiring stories, this is the event for you and your family!


Each year, the delegates, in groups of two or three, have the opportunity to speak with people on a more intimate level. Parlor meetings are set up for breakfast, lunch or evening times. If you want to have that experience in your home and invite your friends, please contact us to arrange a parlor meeting.

If you would like to attend a parlor meeting, you can also contact us and we will provide some options in nearby locations so that you can hear their stories.


For a most intimate experience for you and your family, we can arrange a private dinner in your home with a Tzahal Shalom delegate. It can be just your family or, even better, you can invite some friends to break bread with you and one of our delegates. A great way to step into the program and get a sense of what we do! Contact us to arrange a dinner, you’ll be glad you did.


If your family includes either a high school or middle school student, we have two separate events for them to get to know the delegation. Past events have included boot camp, bowling, scavenger hunts etc. These events are for kids only! It will be a unforgettable experience!


The entire Tzahal Shalom program relies on donations to ensure a new delegation each year. To that end, we celebrate the program and ask for your support at our annual Gala. It is always an incredible evening with friends and relatives, host and buddy families and most importantly our delegation. We have the opportunity to really get to know the delegates on a more personal level and thank them for their service. Additionally, we get the chance to step up and support the Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester program. Since 2006, we have been bringing a new delegation and with your help, we will do it again next year!!