​​​​​​​​​For ten days every April and October, Tzahal Shalom welcomes a delegation of five to seven active-duty combat officers or reservists from the Israel Defense Forces. Their mission is to connect with our community, bring a bit of Israel into our homes, and to meet with seniors, adults, college students and teens. These IDF officers come from different military branches and are chosen for their bravery, their stories, and their ability to communicate in English.  

While in Westchester, our officer/guests are on “duty” and attend many speaking engagements where they tell their “story”.  We hear about their family, their IDF service and perhaps even about one of their IDF missions.  They speak to every demographic in our community: high school students, adults, seniors, local politicians, college and university students, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. 

They get a reprieve from active combat duty, and do some sightseeing as well.  They begin to understand the support they have from our community and return to Israel with a renewed spirit and great pride. In return, we get the gift of their presence and build relationships with these special individuals.

Tzahal Shalom of Northern Westchester has been bringing soldiers into the community since 2006.
We hope to continue this very special program for years to come.




Watch this very special video of some of our Tzahal Shalom Alumni (2006-2010)  talking about their experiences in Northern Westchester.  A treat to watch!

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